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Oehlmann, N. N.; Rebelein, J. G.: The Conversion of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide by Nitrogenases. CHEMBIOCHEM (2021)
Rupnik, K.; Rettberg, L.; Tanifuji, K.; Rebelein, J. G.; Ribbe, M. W.; Hu, Y.; Hales, B. J.: An EPR and VTVH MCD spectroscopic investigation of the nitrogenase assembly protein NifB. JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL INORGANIC CHEMISTRY (2021)
Stein, A.; Chen, D.; Igareta, N. V.; Cotelle, Y.; Rebelein, J. G.; Ward, T. R.: A Dual Anchoring Strategy for the Directed Evolution of Improved Artificial Transfer Hydrogenases Based on Carbonic Anhydrase. ACS CENTRAL SCIENCE 7 (11), S. 1874 - 1884 (2021)
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