Seigo Shima, PhD

Microbial protein structure

Curriculum Vitae

Seigo Shima (born 1960)
Master (Agriculture), Osaka Prefectural University, 1985
Researcher at Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Chiba, Japan, 1985-1994
Contract Researcher at University of Tokyo, 1986-1988
Ph.D. (Agriculture), University of Tokyo, 1991
Alexander-von-Humboldt Research Fellow, University of Marburg, 1993-1995
Group leader at the Department of Biochemistry of the MPI Marburg, 1995-2014
Guest Professor of Hokkaido University, since 04/2012
Department-independent research group leader, since 11/2014

Research Area: Microbial protein structure

My group is presently working on three projects: (i)analysis of the structure and the catalytic mechanism of [Fe]-hydrogenase (Hmd), (ii) crystal structure analysis of tetrahydromethanopterin (H4MPT)- and F420-dependent enzymes, and (iii) characterization of enzymes involved in anaerobic oxidation of methane.

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