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Rebelein, J. G.; Lee, C. C.; Newcomb, M.; Hu, Y.; Ribbe, M. W.: Characterization of an M-Cluster-Substituted Nitrogenase VFe Protein. MBIO 9 (2), e00310-18 (2018)
Rebelein, J. G.; Ward, T. R.: In vivo catalyzed new-to-nature reactions. CURRENT OPINION IN BIOTECHNOLOGY 53, S. 106 - 114 (2018)
Zhao, J.; Rebelein, J. G.; Mallin, H.; Trindler, C.; Pellizzoni, M. M.; Ward, T. R.: Genetic Engineering of an Artificial Metalloenzyme for Transfer Hydrogenation of a Self-Immolative Substrate in Escherichia coil's Periplasm. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 140 (41), S. 13171 - 13175 (2018)
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