MaxGENESYS Biofoundry

MaxGENESYS Biofoundry

Max Planck Core Facility for High Throughput Biology

The emergence of synthetic biology and the resulting attempts to standardize biological experimental approaches allows reliable automation of individual or whole workflows. Automation allows the upscaling of experimental setups and the reduction of human error. Places where biological experiments are automated are called biofoundries. Biofoundries foc­­­­­­­­us knowledge and technical expertise allowing to scale up experiments for basic and applied sciences impossible to perform manually. The goal of the MaxGENESYS biofoundry is the design, construction and testing of synthetic DNA constructs tailored towards individual project needs. However, MaxGENESYS is capable of offering applications beyond its core goals.

The MaxGENESYS biofoundry offers high quality service tailored to individual projects allowing the maximum degree of flexibility for projects. Our strategy avoids projects to be forced into a particular scheme. If you are interested in our services or have any questions about MaxGENESYS, please contact us at It is highly recommended to contact us at early project stages.

MaxGENESYS related projects with external funding


Biotechnolgische Produktion reaktiver Peptide aus Abfallströmen als Leitstrukturen für die Arzneimittelentwicklung“ (DE) [Funded by the EU]

Project: CaptureExpress

“Utilizing biodiversity of biosynthetic gene clusters in complex environmental samples to explore the application potential of new natural products” [Funded by BMBF/MINCIENCIAS]

Collaborative Project: MPIterMic and CorpoGen [Colombia]


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