Doctoral Researcher Network

Doctoral Researcher Network

The Doctoral Researcher Network at the MPI in Marburg is part of the Doctoral Researcher Network of the Max Planck Society Max Planck PhDnet. Our major task is to offer opportunities to optimize the working environment for graduates enabling them to maximize their scientific achievements and to provide a platform for exchange among doctoral researchers at the institute.

Doctoral researchers at our institute elect five representatives from different departments and they will fill the position for one year. Four of the representatives are internal representatives and they can be approached about any matter regarding the doctoral researcher life within the institute. One external representative is the official link between institute and the Doctoral Researchers Network and attends the annual Max Planck PhDnet meeting to keep up with recent society-wide changes.

Our main goal is to strengthen the exchange between doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, group leaders, and other faculty members from all departments of the institute. To reach this goal we organize a number of events and activities:

  • Monthly "Stammtisch"
  • Workshops (e.g Adobe Illustrator)
  • Annual MPI "Sommerfest" 
  • IT Ma(t)TERs conference

To enhance the communication and exchange our latest research between the MPI for Marine Microbiology in Bremen and our institute, we organize an annual IT Ma(t)TERs conference together with the Bremen doctoral researcher representatives.

In addition, we meet the Board of Directors every second month to discuss topics and concerns from our doctoral researcher community.

Applying for a doctoral researcher position at the MPI in Marburg
Open positions for doctoral researchers are listed on the MPI homepage. Group leaders can also be contacted directly. Another possibility is to apply for a position at the institute's International Max Planck Research School "Principles of Microbial Life: From molecules to cells, from cells to interactions" (IMPRS-µlife. Any further question can be directed to the doctoral researcher representatives shown above.

Doctoral Network on MAX-Intranet

On the Intranet there is now the possibility to sign up for the PhD newsletter (email) and the MPI-Marburg wide Slack channel

Our activities in 2024

It MA(t)TER(s) is a conference focusing on marine and terrestrial microbiology, organized jointly by the Doctoral Reps from the MPI Marburg and Bremen. This year, the conference will take place at the MPI for Marine Microbiology in Bremen on 13-15 May 2024.  
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