Online Library

Online Library

Digital Information and Literature Service

Our online library offers a comprehensive range of digital information and literature resources. The aim is to support the academic work of our researchers efficiently and in line with their needs.

With the help of these resources, researchers at our institute can conveniently access e-books, e-journals and databases from anywhere. The library's services include the acquisition of literature, the provision of information on Open Access and the management of scientists' publications in the Max Planck Society's publication repository (MPG.PuRe). All of the library's online resources are of course accessible at any time.

We manage our collection of analog books together with the library of the Department of Biology at the Philipps University of Marburg. The library is located on the premises of the Department of Biology.

Our digital information service (Infoscreens) serves as an internal communication medium for scientific news, lectures, events, workshops, prizes or other research-related announcements on a total of 4 monitors in the institute.

Further information and direct access to electronic media can be found on our internal MAX page (for institute members only).

For internal staff only

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