Diversity Statement

“We believe that science is a diverse endeavor: Diversity provides new impulses, new ideas, new perspectives and innovation“ - from the Code of Conduct of the Max Planck Society.

At the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, we believe that individuals can thrive and do their best work and research in an environment that values and embraces differences in culture, experience and identity. To counteract systemic discrimination, we aim to support and empower all people at the institute independently of gender, ethnicity, age, culture, religion, sexual orientation, (dis)ability and any other distinguishing characteristic or trait. Together with the Diversity, Inclusion and Visibility in Academia (DIVA) team, we aim to collect data and work out an action plan to (1) increase the recruitment of underrepresented employees and (2) to create a safe, inclusive and empowering environment for all people at the institute.

More about the activities of our DIVA team here.

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