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Termite Symbiosis in Transition

Genetic analyses show how the metabolic capacities of symbiotic bacteria in the gut of termites have changed over the course of evolution more

Swimming bacteria shape their community

Swimming bacteria entraining non-swimmers determine the structure of mixed microbial assemblies more

Synthetic and speedy

Researchers developed a new variant of the fast-growing bacterium Vibrio natriegens more

Discovery of the first fractal molecule in nature

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute in Marburg found for the first time a natural protein that follows a fascinating mathematical pattern of self-similarity more

A new path to drug diversity

Research on protein evolution reveals new starting points for the rapid and targeted development of future drugs more

Harnessing Hydrogen at Life’s Origin

Researchers gain new insights into how the first cells on Earth were able to use hydrogen gas as an energy source more

Three Awards at the Mosbach Colloquium

Triple Success for MPI-TM scientists: GBM Awards go to Katharina Höfer, Luca Schulz, and Helena Schulze-Mirbach

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