The postdoctoral community consists of 47 postdocs from fifteen different nations and 38% of our postdocs are women. We are quite diverse regarding scientific expertise and experience ranging from wrap-up postdocs who just obtained their PhD to project group leaders with more than ten years of postgraduate research experience. The postdocs at the MPIterMic also envision different careers. More than half of us wish to continue a career in academics or a related field, e.g. teaching or scientific management.

PostDoc Representatives

The postdoc representatives are elected among the postdocs at the institute and represent them in all matters concerning postdocs at MPIterMic We also administer the financial support provided by the Direktorium to foster activities for our fellow postdocs. Moreover, we meet with the Direktorium every second months to discuss the concerns and joys of the postdocs. We are also responsible for communicating information back to our colleagues. 

The postdoc representatives come from different research groups. However, they act on behalf of the whole postdoc community. The mission of the postdoc community can be summarized as:

  • Foster interaction between postdocs, directors and scientists to enhance the research activities at the institute.
  • Organization of academic activities and events for career growth and stability.
  • Connect with other postdoc communities and built networks within and outside academia. 

Activities 2017 - 2018


In-House Career day: 29 May 2017
No. of participants: 45
Invited speakers: 6        
Level of participation: Institutional


Adobe Illustrator workshop: 23-25 May 2018
No. of Participants: 15
Level of Participation: Institutional

RNA-Seq Workshop: 9 Oct 2018
No. of Participants: 17
Level of Participation: Institutional

2nd Career day: 25 Oct 2018
No. of participants: 63
Invited guests: 11
Level of participation: Institutional

Biostatistics course: 30 Oct 2018
No. of Participants: 20
Level of Participation: Institutional   

Upcoming Events

Researchers are recognized as competent candidates in academia, industry or alternative science careers. To enrich the postdoc experience in our institute, we have planned a series of courses/workshops and seminars spanning the following topics for the year 2019.

Scientific Communication: Writing scientific manuscripts, grant proposals, preparing and presentation of scientific talks and posters, science outreach or public understanding of science and communication with media personnel. 

Technical: Vector/Raster graphics (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop), Statistical computing (R), MATLAB, Hands-on-Microscopy, Protein-structure etc.

Soft-skills: Project management, Stress management, Time management, Diversity management, Gender equality, Leadership skills, Work-life balance, art of collaboration, conflict management etc.

Managerial or Administrative skills: Procuring funding, setting up junior research groups, funding for female researchers, etc.

Alternative careers in science: Networking, CV and job application guidelines etc.

We organize regular meetings with fellow postdocs to fine-tune the nature and content of the proposed courses and workshops based on their requirements and demand. We have also planned to set up an alumni directory and possibly invite alumni who represent various walks of life after their scientific training – from academia, industry and publishing fields to other areas in order to inspire the current postdocs about various career prospects.

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