Work Council

Work Council

From left to right, upper row: Melissa Kivoloka, Tanya Adams, Peter Claus

From left to right, lower row: Jörg Kahnt, Alexandra Hahn, old mebers Julia Wiegel, David Kraus. Detlev Harms and Elmar Meyer are missing on the photo.

Tanya Adams: Corporate health management & organization of health education and prevention

Peter Claus: Organization of in-house trainings, language and computer courses

Alexandra Hahn: Chairman of the Work Council & work safety committee

Melissa Kivoloka: Deputy Chairman, work safety committee & member of the General Works Council of the MPG (first deputy)

Jörg Kahnt: Public Relations & conflict advice

Detlev Harms: Data protection & work safety committee

Elmar Meyer: TVöD, Employment law, classification & individual personnel measures and member of the GBR (2nd representative)

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