Organization of the MPI

Research at the institute is carried out in four departments. In addition the institute hosts two Max Planck Research Groups, one Emmy Noether Research Group, four department-independent research groups, two emeritus groups, and one Max Planck Fellow.

The directors of the departments, Prof. Dr. Regine Kahmann (Department of Organismic Interactions), Prof. Dr. Lotte Søgaard-Andersen (Department of Ecophysiology), Prof. Dr. Victor Sourjik (Department of Systems and Synthetic Microbiology) and Prof. Dr. Tobias Erb (Department of Biochemistry and Synthetic Metabolism) are scientific members of the Max Planck Society. Managing Director 2018-2019 is Prof. Dr. Victor Sourjik.

The scheme below shows the organization of the institute. To see a description of our research, please follow the link Research.

Organigram of the MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology as per April 2019
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