Services and Methods

MaxGENESYS offers a broad portfolio of services and methods. The main purpose of MaxGENESYS is the construction and validation of DNA assemblies in high throughput. However, each project has its own requirements and the workflows are tailored to the project. Different DNA assembly strategies are established, such as Gibson assembly or modular Golden Gate cloning approaches. Importantly, we use appropriate laboratory automation to reduce reaction volumes while increasing the number of reactions. Typically, DNA assemblies are performed in 384-well format with total reaction volumes of 1 µL, reducing reagent consumption by 10-20-fold. Importantly, we use acoustic dispensers and pin pad-based automation equipment, which reduces plastic waste and enables sustainable DNA assembly.

DNA assembly is the core service of MaxGENESYS, but the equipment can be repurposed for many other applications. Some example applications are listed below. If your projects require laboratory automation, we are likely to be able to assist you even if your particular application is not listed. We are happy to help at any stage of the project, but it is best to contact us at the design stage so that we can provide our expertise at an early stage to make your project a success.

Established methods

  • Automated colony picking
  • Design and optimization of DNA sequences
  • High throughput DNA assembly
  • High throughput DNA assembly validation
  • High throughput conjugation experiments
  • High throughput strain engineering
  • High throughput growth tests on solid and in liquid media
  • Rearraying of large strain collections
  • Cultivation of large numbers of microorganisms
  • Functional expression screens
  • Long- and short-read sequencing
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