Gender Equality

The Max-Planck-Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology (MPI) has committed itself to promote excellence, creativity and passion of its employees regardless of gender, nationality, religion, disability, age, cultural origin and sexual identity.

Our equal opportunities work focusses on the compatibility of work and family as well as the mentoring of young female researchers. For us, equality means more than just the formal equal treatment of the sexes. Our goal is to recognise the different living conditions, opportunities and needs of all employees and to offer individual solutions for optimal professional development.

Our responsibilities:

  • Dr. Anke Treuner-Lange
    Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Dr. Nicole Paczia
    Public Relations
  • Dr. Martina  Preiner
    (ge-consultation@...) e-mail only to Martina Preiner

We have developed a Gender Equality Plan that is specifically tailored to our situation. With this Gender Equality Plan, all existing and planned activities to promote gender equality at our institute are bundled, monitored and made transparent for all employees.





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