Bacterial Epitranscriptomics

Dr. Katharina Höfer

Research area

RNA`s simple chemical composition, being generally built from only four different nucleotides, stands in stark contrast to its highly complex functionality. To date,  more than 160 chemical modifications are known that alter the function or stability of RNA molecules. Focusing primarily on the model organism Escherichia coli, the Höfer lab studies the epitranscriptomic mechanisms of gene regulation based on NAD-capped RNAs in bacteria. To identify novel and important connections between redox biology, gene expression and regulation they are combining cell biological, biochemical, structural, chemical and bioinformatic approaches.

Group of Katharina Höfer in October 2020

Selected recent publications

Höfer, K.*+, Schauerte, M.*,Grawenhoff, J., Wulf, A., Welp, L. M., Billau, F. A., Urlaub, H., Jäschke, A.+. (2021)
Viral ADP-ribosyltransferases attach RNA chains to host proteins bioRxiv 2021.06.04.446905; doi: (+ corresponding author, *shared first author)

Schauerte, M., Pozhydaieva, N., Höfer, K. (2021)
Shaping the Bacterial Epitranscriptome—5′-Terminal and Internal RNA Modifications. Adv. Biology 2021, 2100834.

Kolmar T, Büllmann SM, Sarter C, Höfer K, Jäschke A (2021).
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Möhler M, Höfer K, Jäschke A (2020).
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Abele, F*; Höfer, K*; Bernhard, P; Grawenhoff, J; Seidel, M; Krause, A; Kopf, S; Schröter, M; Jäschke, A.(2020)
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Höfer K, Jäschke A (2018)
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Höfer K, Jäschke A (2016)
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Höfer K*, Abele F*, Schlotthauer J, Jäschke A (2016)
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Höfer K*, Li S, Abele F*, Frindert J, Schlotthauer J, Grawenhoff J, Du J, Patel DJ, Jäschke A (2016)
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Cahová H*, Winz, M-L*, Höfer K*, Nübel G, Jäschke A (2015)
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Höfer K, Langejürgen LV, Jäschke A (2013)
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