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Mit Phagenforschung in die Projektverlängerung

Max Planck Research Group "Bacterial Epitranscriptomics" joins JLU Gießen`s Research Training Group more

Microbial Juggling

Microbial Juggling

May 09, 2022

Researchers discovered how a soil microbe could rev up artificial photosynthesis more

Finding new weapons in Nature`s battlesites

Genomic studies open up a wealth of bioactive small molecules in insect-killing bacteria more

Reconstruction of a central [Fe]-Hydrogenase metallocofactor in a test tube

A new step towards the use of hydrogen biocatalysts more

Dr. Nicole Ludwig MarBiNa-Förderpreis 2021

Max Planck junior scientist is recognized for her work on a fungal pathogen

All organisms produce methane

The formation of the greenhouse gas is driven by reactive oxygen species

How bacteria cope with stress

Alarm hormones suppress the transport of proteins into bacterial membranes more

ERC Starting Grant for Georg Hochberg

For his research on Evolutionary Biochemistry, the scientist receives approximately 1.5 million euros

LOEWE-TBG enters the second phase

The LOEWE-TBG project of the state of Hesse continues for another three years more

Young scientists bring iGEM grand prize to Marburg

17 students from different disciplines win international synthetic biology competition more

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