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Three coloured curves illustrate fluctuations in glucose metabolism, in the background a light microscope image of bacterial cells

Measurements in single living bacterial cells reveal large periodic fluctuations of bacterial metabolism more

Rapeseed plant in bloom

Research consortium receives EU funding to develop oilseeds with improved CO2 efficiency more

With formic acid towards CO<sub>2</sub> neutrality

Researchers develop a new method for the sustainable use of CO2 more

Small Molecules, Great Potential

New DFG Research Training Group "Microbial Nucleotide Metabolism (MiNu)" in Marburg focuses on the metabolism of nucleotides more

Regine Kahmann elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Nomination by the Academy honours outstanding achievement, innovation and leadership more

The Blind Matchmaker

The Blind Matchmaker

April 03, 2023

Reconstructed protein sequences in cyanobacteria reveal that protein interactions can evolve without direct selection pressure more

Dr. Florian Lindner receives the MarBiNa Prize

The Max Planck junior scientist is awarded for his work on controlling a bacterial injection apparatus more

Christoph Diehl receives Dissertation Prize for Synthetic Biology

The Max Planck junior scientist is awarded for his achievements regarding the development of artificial metabolic networks more

Thrifty trick for bacterial plastic upcycling

Implementation of a newly discovered metabolic pathway increases the CO2 efficiency of PET-utilizing bacteria more

New Max-Planck-Research Group “Geochemical Protoenzymes”

Chemist Dr. Martina Preiner is starting in January 2023 at MPI-TM and the“Microcosm Earth Center” more

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