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New Max-Planck-Research Group “Geochemical Protoenzymes”

Chemist Dr. Martina Preiner is starting in January 2023 at MPI-TM and the“Microcosm Earth Center” more

Towards a biochemical blueprint for new biocatalysts

Researchers found missing links for the in vitro biosynthesis of [Fe]-hydrogenase more

Joint Research on RNA Biology

Joint Research on RNA Biology

December 12, 2022

Scientists from the Campus Focus "Microorganisms and Viruses" of the Central Hesse Research Campus visit the University of Wisconsin - Madison more

Dr. Henrike Niederholtmeyer receives ERC Starting Grant

Emmy Noether Research Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Biology in Marburg receives 1.5 Mio. Euro for the development and investigation of synthetic compartments

Revealing Biochemical “Rings of Power”

Genome mining uncovers a widespread class of natural products that could be excellent candidates for future drugs more

Bacterial Plasmid Segregation: Two Heads, One Hat

An interdisciplinary study reveals a unified model for plasmid distribution in bacterial cell division more

Back to the Future of Photosynthesis

Resurrecting billon-year-old enzymes reveals how photosynthesis adapted to the rise of oxygen more

New center for microbial research in Marburg

The "Microcosm Earth Center" addresses current issues of environmental and climate microbiology more

New research group at the Microcosm Earth Center

Dr. Julia Kurth launches her research group "Microbial Physiology" at the new center starting September 01, 2022. more

A decisive pinch of sugar

A decisive pinch of sugar

August 26, 2022

Scientists have discovered a new mechanism for bacterial polysaccharide export more

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