Archive of activities of the Doctoral Researchers Network

Activities in 2019

On the 1stand 2ndof April, the 3rd“It Ma(t)Ter(s)” Conference was held in Marburg.  Here doctoral researchers and early carrier researchers had the chance to present and discuss their work on microbiology in multiple talk and poster sessions. [more]
"While writing a PhD is a unique life opportunity and most doctoral researchers start off their journey with great passion for science and the aim of making a difference, the road towards a successful PhD might be very bumpy. Whether or not these bumps will turn into opportunities for growth does not only depend on the doctoral researcher but also on his/her work environment: in order to flourish, researchers need healthy and supportive work environments. [more]
Nature Communications is an online-only journal that publishes high-quality research from all areas of the natural sciences. Senior Editor César Sánchez will provide a brief overview of the Nature family of journals, and will describe the editorial procedures for publication in Nature Communications. [more]
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