The NAD-dependent FdsABG formate dehydrogenase from Cupriavidus necators

Special seminar

  • Datum: 30.11.2016
  • Uhrzeit: 14:15
  • Vortragende(r): Prof. Dr. Russ Hille
  • Department of Biochemistry, University of California, Riverside, USA
  • Ort: MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology
  • Raum: Seminar Room III
  • Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Rolf Thauer
  • Kontakt:

Structural and mechanistic studies of the title enzyme are discussed, with evidence presented that it operates via a simple hydride transfer mechanism in the oxidation of formate to CO2. The enzyme is also shown to be able to efficiently catalyze the reverse reaction, reducing CO2 to formate with NADH as electors donor. The general relevance of a hydride transfer mechanism for this and similar enzymes is discussed.

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