GRK 2937 Seminar Prof. Dr. Jörg Stülke


  • Date: Jun 25, 2024
  • Time: 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM (Local Time Germany)
  • Location: MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology
  • Room: Lecture hall

Prof. Dr. Jörg Stülke from the University of Göttingen will talk about

Microbial nucleotide metabolism: News from Bacillus subtilis

The Stülke lab studies the regulation of metabolism in the pathogenic bacterium Mycoplasma pneumoniae and the model organism Bacillus subtilis. They are following global (“post-genomic”) and gene-specific approaches. In Bacillus subtilis, metabolism is studied by transcriptomics, metabolome and fluxome analyses. The specific interests are focussed on two key pathways: glycolysis and glutamate biosynthesis, the decisive link between carbon and nitrogen metabolism. The regulation of glycolysis is studied at the level of a controlled protein-RNA interaction. Regulation through RNA has become widely recognized in the past few years. The lab’s studies revealed that glycolytic enzymes themselves are part of a protein complex that is required for mRNA processing and degradation. Interest is also directed at systems biology approaches to the analysis of B. subtilis and the development of web interfaces for the functional annotation.

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