Mechanisms for chromosome folding and segregation in Bacillus subtilis

SFB/Transregio TRR 174

  • Datum: 28.06.2021
  • Uhrzeit: 16:00
  • Vortragende(r): Prof. Dr. Stephan Gruber
  • University of Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Ort: Zoom
  • Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Martin Thanbichler
  • Kontakt:

Organizing and segregating chromosomes is critical for survival and propagation. In most bacteria, this task is supported by the coordinated activity of two highly conserved modules: the tripartite ParABS system and the SMC complex. In the first part, I will focus on recent insights into the formation of a chromosome organizing centre by the CTP-binding protein ParB and the parS DNA sequences. One function of these chromosome organizing centres is to load the SMC ATPase onto the chromosome. In the second part, I will discuss how a finely tuned and low flux of SMC complexes ensures proper folding of bacterial chromosomes.

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