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Methanogenic Degradation and Microbial Metabolism of Trace Gases

Prof. Dr. Ralf Conrad / Emeritus

We want to learn which groups of soil microorganisms are responsible for particular biogeochemical processes and to understand the reason why. For this purpose we investigate biogeochemical processes involved in the exchange of climatically relevant trace gases (CH4, N2O, H2) between soil and atmosphere. A particular focus is on processes in flooded rice fields, which we have used during the last twenty five years as a model system for studying biogeochemistry and ecology of soil microbes.

Biochemistry of anaerobic microorganisms

Prof. Dr. Rudolf K. Thauer / Emeritus

Biochemistry, physiology and ecology of anaerobic bacteria and archaea with a focus on the enzymes and coenzymes involved in the energy metabolism of Clostridia, of sulfate-reducing bacteria and archaea, of methanogenic and methanotrophic archaea, and of aerobic methanotrophic bacteria.

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