Alumni/ae & Awardees

We are proud of the current (and former) lab members for having received multiple awards and fellowship for their research achievements in our lab, as well as those that joined us with their own funding or fellowship. We are equally proud of our many alumni and alumnae, who have entered exciting and diverse careers paths in academia, industry and science management, or even started their own company all over the globe.


Awards and Fellowships for current Lab Members and Alumni & Alumnae

MarBina Awards: Maren Nattermann (2024), Tarryn Miller (2020)
VAAM-PhD Awards: Maren Nattermann (2024), Iria (Bernhardsgrütter) Grundling (2020), Raoul Rosenthal (2016)
GBM PhD Award: Luca Schulz (2024)
GASB PhD Award: Thomas Schwander (2019)
DECHEMA SynBio Award: Christoph Diehl (2023)
Chofaras PhD Award: Raoul Rosenthal (2016)
ETH Silver Medal: Raoul Rosenthal (2016)
Joachim Herz Ad-On Fellowships: Helena Schulz-Mirbach (2023), Luca Schulz (2022)
GBM MSc Award: Daniel Marchal (2022), Pascal Pfister (2019)
Fellowship Deutsche Studienstiftung: Luca Schulz (declined)
EXPERIMENT! VolkswagenFoundation: Nina Odermatt (2020)
SignUp! Martine Ballinger (2023), Nina Odermatt (2020)
LifeArc AUTMN Fellow: Martine Ballinger (2023)
Branco Weiss Fellow (outgoing): Raoul Rosenthal
EMBO Fellows (outgoing): Raoul Rosenthal
EMBO Fellows (incoming): Amir Pandi, Andreas Küffner, Simone Giaveri, Blake Rasor
Marie-Curie Fellow: Andreas Küffner
SNF Fellow (outgoing): Bastian Vögeli
SNF Fellow (incoming): Matthias Tinzl
Green Science Fellow (incoming): Stefano Cestello-Blanco
Humboldt Fellow (incoming): Owen Jarman


Careers of our Alumni & Alumnae

David Adam (Postdoc 2019-24), Project Leader StartUp HAPPY in Marburg (D)
Simon Burgener (PhD 2020), Postdoc @ University of Basel, Scientist @ Bachem (CH)
Martina Carrillo Camacho (2020), Scientist @ Evonik (D)
Stefano Cestellos-Blanco (Green Science Fellow 2022), Baker Postdoctoral Fellow @ Stanford (US)
Karen Chan (Postdoc 2019-21), Investment Associate @ BioGeneration Ventures (NL)
Mareike (Scheffen) Enderle (PhD 2020) Scientific Officer @ Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (D)
Christoph Diehl (PhD 2022), Postdoc @ Uni Bielefeld (D)
Patrick Gerlinger (PhD 2022), Scientist @ Rubi Laboratories (US)
Kyra Geyer (PhD 2020), Lab Manager @ BASF SE (D)
Iria (Bernhardsgrütter) Grundling (PhD 2020), Head of Protein Production @ CarboCode (D)
Katharina Kremer (PhD 2023), Medical Doctor in Limburg (D)
Tarryn Miller
(PhD 2020), Scientist @ Inscripta, NREL Director’s Postdoctoral Fellow (US)
Richard McLean (PhD 2022), Postdoc @ Weizmann Institute of Sciences (IL)
Nina Odermatt
(VW-Foundation Recipient & Postdoc 2018-22), Head of Nucleic Acid Isolation Lab @ Microsynth (CH)
Amir Pandi (EMBO Postdoc Fellow 2019-23), Tenured Researcher @ INSERM, University of Paris (F)
Paulo Raduan Alexandrino (2020-24), Research Scientist @ Mycolever (D)
Raoul Rosenthal (PhD 2015), Postdoc @ Harvard, Senior Data Scientist @ Merck MSD (US)
Lennart Schada v. Borzyskowsi (PhD 2016), Postdoc @ MPI-TM, Assistant Professor @ University of Leiden (NL)
Francesca Severi (PhD 2022) Scientist @ Novartis, Patent Examiner @ European Patent Office (NL)
Gabriele Stoffel (PhD 2019), Protein Engineer CarboCode (D)
Thomas Schwander (PhD 2018), Research Scientist Zurich University School of Applied Sciences (CH)
Niña Socorro Cortina (Postdoc 2015-19), Co-Founder & VP Technology Development @ LiVeritas Biosciences (US/D)
Srividhya Sundaram (Postdoc 2019-21), Lab Team Leader @ BASF SE (D)
Matthias Tinzl (SNF Postdoc Fellow 2021-23), Enzyme Specialist @ Nestlé (CH)
Dominik (Peter) Vagstadt (PhD 2016), Project Manager AAC Infotray
Bastian Vögeli (PhD 2018), Postdoc @ Nothwestern, Scientist @ Invizyne (US)

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