Green Science Lab

Green Science Lab

Fotosynthesis Lab in the Botanical Garden Marburg

Since 2010, the Philipps University Marburg offers a student lab with about 20 workstations in the Botanical Garden Lahnberge. More than 600 pupils from Marburg and the region attend the courses each year. The courses present the latest research results and regularly include an "Ask me Anything" session with young researchers from MPI-TM.

Without photosynthesis, there would be no life on Earth, and it is one of the most important biochemical processes. For more than 200 years, researchers have been trying to understand how it works.

Where is photosynthesis research today and why is it more relevant than ever?  What is synthetic biology and how do you make an artificial chloroplast? How could we tackle the problems of human-induced climate change by improving photosynthesis?

In the Photosynthesis Research Past and Present course, students conduct their own experiments. The school laboratory takes advantage of its proximity to the Max Planck Institute and offers a highly topical insight into the research of the MPI-TM.

The direct contact with our young researchers is inspiring and motivating. They visit the classes and answer the students' questions about everyday life in research, opportunities and challenges, and career paths.

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