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Abella, M.; Andruck, L.; Malengo, G.; Skruzny, M.: Actin-generated force applied during endocytosis measured by Sla2-based FRET tension sensors. DEVELOPMENTAL CELL 56 (17), pp. 2419 - + (2021)
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Yadavalli, S. S.; Goh, T.; Carey, J. N.; Malengo, G.; Vellappan, S.; Nickels, B. E.; Sourjik, V.; Goulian, M.; Yuan, J.: Functional Determinants of a Small Protein Controlling a Broadly Conserved Bacterial Sensor Kinase. JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 202 (16), e00305-20 (2020)
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Schramm, T.; Lempp, M.; Beuter, D.; Sierra González, S.; Glatter, T.; Link, H.: High-throughput enrichment of temperature-sensitive argininosuccinate synthetase for two-stage citrulline production in E. coli. METABOLIC ENGINEERING 60, pp. 14 - 24 (2020)
Journal Article
Skruzny, M.; Pohl, E.; Gnoth, S.; Malengo, G.; Sourjik, V.: The protein architecture of the endocytic coat analyzed by FRET microscopy. MOLECULAR SYSTEMS BIOLOGY 16 (5), e9009 (2020)
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Babel, H.; Naranjo-Meneses, P.; Trauth, S.; Schulmeister, S.; Malengo, G.; Sourjik, V.; Bischofs, I. B.: Ratiometric population sensing by a pump-probe signaling system in Bacillus subtilis. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 11 (1), 1176 (2020)
Journal Article
Gryaznova, Y.; Caydasi, A.K.; Malengo, G.; Sourjik, V.; Pereira, G.: A FRET-based study reveals site-specific regulation of spindle position checkpoint proteins at yeast centrosomes. eLife 5, e14029 (2016)
Journal Article
Wille, T.; Wagner, C.; Mittelstadt, W.; Blank, K.; Sommer, E.; Malengo, G.; Dohler, D.; Lange, A.; Sourjik, V.; Hensel, M. et al.; Gerlach, R. G.: SiiA and SiiB are novel type I secretion system subunits controlling SPI4-mediated adhesion of Salmonella enterica. Cell Microbiol 16 (2), pp. 161 - 78 (2013)
Journal Article
Malengo, G.; Andolfo, A.; Sidenius, N.; Gratton, E.; Zamai, M.; Caiolfa, V. R.: Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and photon counting histogram on membrane proteins: functional dynamics of the glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored urokinase plasminogen activator receptor. J Biomed Opt 13 (3), p. 031215 (2008)
Journal Article
Caiolfa, V. R.; Zamai, M.; Malengo, G.; Andolfo, A.; Madsen, C. D.; Sutin, J.; Digman, M. A.; Gratton, E.; Blasi, F.; Sidenius, N.: Monomer dimer dynamics and distribution of GPI-anchored uPAR are determined by cell surface protein assemblies. J Cell Biol 179 (5), pp. 1067 - 82 (2007)

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Scanning algorithms in high-sensitivity two-photon excitation microscopy for single-molecule investigations (Biomedical Optics 2004, 5323). SPIE (2004), PWB pp.

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Bellotto, N.; Agudo-Canalejo, J.; Colin, R.; Golestanian, R.; Malengo, G.; Sourjik, V.: Dependence of diffusion in Escherichia coli cytoplasm on protein size, environmental conditions and cell growth. (2022)
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