Life 2.0 - What is Synthetic Biology?

  • Date: Feb 29, 2024
  • Time: 05:30 PM - 06:15 PM (Local Time Germany)
  • Speaker: René Inckemann
  • (In German language)
  • Location: Gymnasium Philippinum Marburg, Kultidrom
Life 2.0 - What is Synthetic Biology?

Synthetic biology is perhaps the coolest of the biological worlds. It builds biological systems that do not exist in nature and looks at life through the lens of engineering. But it's not just about creating something new. Synbio is used to improve systems that have evolved naturally - for example, to produce new vaccines, drugs or diagnostics, biofuels or recyclable materials in a sustainable way. There is even a global competition for SynBio: iGEM. Rene Inckemann is a PhD student in Tobias Erb's group at the MPI in Marburg and has already supervised the highly successful Marburg team several times. So he can tell about research, but also about the fun side of research.

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