Registration at the City Office

Registration at the City Office

Once you have arrived to Marburg, it is necessary to register at the City Office. Here we explain how.

Within the first two weeks after arrival to Germany, it is mandatory to inscribe with the resident's registration office of Marburg (Einwohnermeldeamt). Having accommodation is a prerequisite for registration. German regulations also require to report any change of address, as well as to de-register at the end of your stay.

You will find the Registration office in the building of the Stadtbüro, Frauenbergstraße 35 (enter the building, upstairs on the left side).

The easiest way to get an appointment is online, via their website (click “Online-Terminvergabe” and follow the instructions).

By phone: 06421 201-1801
Fax: 06421 201-1828

To register, you will need your passport and a landlord confirmation (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung, you can download a template file here in the section “Formulare”). Upon registration, you will receive a copy of your registration certificate (Meldebestätigung).

The registration certificate (Meldebestätigung) is a prerequisite to open a bank account! Also, our Human Resources department will need a copy of the certificate.

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