Open positions

We are always looking for new members with backgrounds in biology as well as physics, to work on mainly experimental but also modeling projects, investigating stochasticity and emergent collective behaviors in motile microorganisms.  

Doctoral researcher postions

We currently do not offer new funded doctoral researcher position. We are however always happy to consider spontaneous applications. Do not hesitate to contact us by email to:   to discuss about your interests and how they might match with what we do.

We will be happy to support applications for fellowships and other type of funding.

Master and Bachelor projects

Several projects are available at the Bachelor and Master level, both experimental and simulation based, notably concerning:

  • the collective chemotactic behavior of twitching (crawling) bacteria,
  • the swimming behavior of bacteria near surfaces
  • the influence of chemotactic pathway noise on the efficiency of climbing up environmental gradients.  

Contact for more information.

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