Open positions

We are always looking for new members with backgrounds in biology as well as physics, to work on mainly experimental but also modeling projects, investigating stochasticity and emergent collective behaviors in motile microorganisms.  

Open PhD position

We are currently offering a PhD student position (65% of TV-L E-13 salary scale), to start in mid-2020, to work on the physical behavior of heterogeneous binary mixtures of bacterial populations. The project will include the experimental study of the phase diagram of the bacterial binary mixtures, their response to mechanical and chemical perturbations, and co-aggregation processes in mixed bacterial populations. The aim is to better understand the physical mechanisms at play in the organization of bacterial consortia, for example in multi-species biofilms, which are found across many environments from the soil to the animal gut. Applicants would ideally have a background in physics, but biology candidates with a strong quantitative background will also be considered.

Applications in English should include a motivation letter, CV, exam results and the names and contact details of academic referees, and be sent as a single pdf by email to: . The position will be opened until filled, with priority to applications received before February 15th 2020. Potential candidates are welcome to ask for further information at the same address.

We will also be happy to support applications for fellowships and other type of funding.

Master and Bachelor projects

Several projects are available at the Bachelor and Master level, notably concerning:

  • the collective chemotactic behavior of twitching (crawling) bacteria,
  • the influence of chemotactic pathway noise on the efficiency of climbing up environmental gradients.  

Contact for more information.

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