Structure and function of [Fe]-hydrogenase

Research report (imported) 2012 - Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology

Shima, Seigo
Forschungsgruppe Microbial Protein Structure, assoziiert mit der Emeritus-Gruppe R. Thauer
Hydrogen (H2) plays a crucial role in global carbon cycles. Hydrogenases - H2 producing and utilizing enzymes - are pivotally involved in biological systems for the turnover of H2. Three types of hydrogenases are known: [NiFe]-, [FeFe]- and [Fe]-hydrogenases. The [Fe]-hydrogenase functions in the methanogenic pathway of hydrogenotrophic methanogenic archaea. This new type of hydrogenase contains a unique iron-guanylylpyridinol (FeGP) cofactor. We are studying the structure and function of both the enzyme and cofactor as well as the FeGP cofactor biosynthesis.

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