Prof. Rudolf K. Thauer is FEMS-Lwoff Awardee 2015

June 15, 2015

Prof. Rudolf K. Thauer was awarded with the Lwoff Award at FEMS 2015

This year two eminent scientists are awarded with the Lwoff Award at FEMS 2015 in appreciation of their contributions to microbiology research over the last years. Rudolf Thauer, active in the field of anaerobic microbiology and Fernando Baquero, committed to virulence and antibiotic resistance. Both are contagiously enthustiastic about their lives with microbes, see The official newsletter for FEMS affiliates.
The FEMS-Lwoff Award is awarded to a person, or group of persons, preferably working and residing in Europe, for outstanding service to microbiology in Europe. All fields of microbiology are considered.The FEMS-Lwoff Award consists of a prize-lecture presented at a FEMS Congress, a medal and an honorarium of EURO 1,000.

The FEMS-Lwoff Award series was initiated in the year 2000 at the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of FEMS. It was named in honour of the 1st FEMS President (1974-1976), Professor André M. Lwoff.
FEMS-Lwoff Awardees 2000 to 2013 are found here

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