Lecture Series „Microbes for Future“

Cooperation with `Schüler:innen Forschungszentrum Mittelhessen´

How can microbial research help make the world a better place? How do you become a researcher and what is the day-to-day routine?  A comprehensible insight into research where you can ask these and other questions right away.

Young researchers from the Max Planck Institute in Marburg visit schools in Marburg in cooperation with the Schüler:innen Forschungszentrum Mittelhessen (SFM). Pupils, teachers, parents of all school types and all and everyone else interested, including those outside the school community, are warmly invited! After a talk (appr. 30 min.) there will be time for questions about science, everyday life in the lab or career paths. The events are held in German language.

Events 2024:

29.02. Leben 2.0 - Was kann synthetische Biologie?
14.03. Bakterien am Limit - Eine Reise zu den kleinsten Überlebenskünstlern der Erde
07.11. Die Tricks der Krankmacher - Wie wir Salmonellen und Co. auf die Spur kommen
25.11. Neue Antibiotika - mit neuester Forschung Wege aus der Antibiotikakrise finden

Gymnasium Philippinum, Kultidrom, on Thursdays, 17:30-18:15

More Information on each lecture can be found here.





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