Always looking for a diverse range of activities, we will organize an In-House Career Day this year. If you have further suggestions or ideas, please contact us! Feel free to help us with any kind of organization. We need helping hands!

Scientific BBQ

We organise a Scientific BBQ in regular intervals, where PostDocs of different departments introduce themselves and their scientific specializations. To expand our network and to get to know other young scientists and their research in Marburg we have a short research presentation by invited guests. Of course, we always have some spare time to discuss your special scientific problems to help advance your research. With a BBQ in the end, we have some time to get to know each other, to exchange ideas and to plan new activities.

In-House Career Day , May 29, 2017

With the In-House career day on May 29, 2017 we want to support the PostDoc career development in academia. The aim is to bring experience and strategies for pursuing professional objectives, to network and to provide suggestions on decision-making processes by recently established young PIs and group leaders from our Institute who are aware of recent challenges. We hope that this event will help PostDocs to foster their career development and expand their horizons to new levels.

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