Customized Methods/Method development

Especially in the area of synthetic biology, research questions frequently require the analysis of niche metabolites, which might not (yet) be included in any of our already established analytical methods. If you can provide us with a standard of the analyte you are Interested in, we will try our best to develop a suitable method. To do so, we have to find the right chromatography conditions (stationary and mobile phase) to separate your analytical target from other compounds in your samples, and to allow efficient ionization. As we always aim to use multi reaction monitoring for targeted analysis (see "Instruments" for more details), we also have to determine the fragmentation patter of the target, select compound specific fragments, and optimize the fragmentation parameters to achieve high sensitivity and a linear dose-response for the concentration range of Interest. As last steps we optimize the ionisation parameters, and determine the linear range and limit of detection of your customized method in the sample matrix you provide us with.

If you want to be Involved in the method development process, you are welcome to do so and get some hands-on LC-MS/MS experience.       

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