Targeted Analysis (quantitative/semi-quantitative)

n a targeted metabolome analysis, the small molecule of interest needs to be known before the analysis is performed. All steps of the metabolomics workflow, including e.g. sample taking, extraction, chromatography, and MS analysis, are optimized towards capturing the state of the particular target analyte in the biological system under investigation. The approach leads to highest sensitivity, selectivity and accuracy concerning the target, but is at the same time unable to provide any other information then the one specifically asked for. Targeted approaches are especially suited for experimental setups that require the absolute quantification of metabolites, or if low abundant or fragile metabolites are being analysed. In both cases, the metabolomics workflow can and needs to be adjusted to produce reliable data.

The Metabolomics Core Facility has established a number of analytical methods and protocols, including among others, organic acids, amino acids, sugar phosphates, sugars, nucleotides, and energy metabolites. We are happy to provide you with this protocols and use our methods to analyses your samples. 

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