PD Dr. Werner Liesack

Methanotrophic bacteria, and environmental genomics/transcriptomics

Curriculum Vitae

Werner Liesack (born 1956)
Diplom (Biology), University of Kiel, 1984
Dr. rer. nat. (Microbiology), University of Kiel, 1988
Postdoc (Microbiology), University of Queensland, Australia, 1990-1992
Habilitation (Microbiology), Philipps-Universität Marburg, 1996
Privatdozent, Philipps-Universität Marburg, since 1997
Group Leader, Department of Biogeochemistry, MPI Marburg, 1992-2011
Research Group Leader, Department of Biogeochemistry, MPI Marburg, since 2011

Research areas: Methanotrophic bacteria, and environmental genomics/transcriptomics

The main theme of our research is microbial ecology. The projects cover topics at the molecular, genomic, cellular, and community levels. The current research is focused on (i) the molecular biology and ecophysiology of Methylocystis sp. strain SC2, (ii) soil metatranscriptomics, and (iii) microbial communities in Sphagnum-dominated peatlands. The main findings are described in Recent Research (Liesack 2012-2014).

A concise description of the research of the last 15 years and a complete list of publications can be found in Research Description and Publications (1986-2014), respectively.

The group of Werner Liesack as per November 2017

Recent publications (*Correspondence)

Peng, J., Wegner, C.E., Bei, Q., and Liesack, W.* (2018) Metatranscriptomics reveals a differential temperature effect on the structural and functional organization of the anaerobic food web in rice field soil. Microbiome 6, 169.
[online access]

Hakobyan, A., Liesack, W.*, and Glatter, T.* (2018) Crude-MS strategy for in-depth proteome analysis of the methane-oxidizing Methylocystis sp. strain SC2. J. Proteome Res. 17, 3086-3103.
[online access]

Han, D., Link, H., and Liesack, W.* (2017) Response of Methylocystis sp. strain SC2 to salt stress: Physiology, global transcriptome, and amino acid profiles. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 83, e00866-17.
[online access]

Wegner, C.E., and Liesack, W.* (2017) Unexpected dominance of elusive Acidobacteria in early industrial soft coal slags. Front. Microbiol. 8, 1023.
[online access]

Peng, J., Wegner, C.E., and Liesack, W.* (2017) Short-term exposure of paddy soil microbial communities to salt stress triggers different transcriptional responses of key taxonomic groups. Front. Microbiol. 8, 400.
[online access]

Ivanova, A.A., Wegner, C.E., Kim, Y., Liesack, W.*, and Dedysh, S.N. (2016) Identification of microbial populations driving biopolymer degradation in acidic peatlands by metatranscriptomic analysis. Mol. Ecol. 25, 4818–4835.
[online access]

Publications since 1991


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