Wolfgang Buckel

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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Buckel
MPI für terrestrische Mikrobiologie
D-35043 Marburg / Germany
Phone: +49 6421 282 2088
Fax: +49 6421 282 8979

Research group members
Group leader:
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Buckel

Secretary: Patricia Wagner

Dr. Awad Amr Mohammed, Dr. Ivana Djurdjevic, Dr. Marta Drozdowska, Dr. Peter Friedrich

PhD students: Huan Li, Nilanjan Pal Chowdhury

Master/Bachelor students: Katharina Klomann

Technical assistant: Marco Hornung

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Buckel

Curriculum Vitae

Wolfgang Buckel (born 1940)
Diplom (Chemistry), Universität München, 1965
Dr. rer. nat. (Biochemistry), Universität München, 1968
Akademischer Rat/Oberrat/Direktor, Universität Regensburg, 1969-1987
Postdoc (Microbiology), University of California, Berkeley, 1970-1971
Habilitation (Biochemistry), Universität Regensburg, 1975
Professor of Microbiology, Philipps-Universität Marburg, 1987-2008
Max Planck Fellow at the MPI Marburg, since 04/2008

Research are: Unusual enzymes involved amino acid fermenting anaerobes

Members of the orders Clostridiales and Fusobacteriales have the unique ability to ferment amino acids for energy conserving purposes. Since there are twenty proteinogenous amino acids, each of which is fermented via at least one specific pathway, these microorganisms are among the biochemical most versatile Bacteria. The best-studied amino acid in this respect is glutamate, which is fermented by two different pathways to identical products: ammonia, CO2, acetate, butyrate and H2.

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