Dr. Nicolas Krink

Guest Scientist

Curriculum Vitae

Career Since October 2015 Lecturer in the Master Course “Introduction into Synthetic Biology – Marburg goes iGEM” In collaboration with Prof. Dr. Michael Bölker, Prof. Dr. Lars-Oliver Essen, Max Mundt and Anne Löchner Since November 2014 PhD – Max-Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology and LOEWE Center for Synthetic Microbiology (SYNMIKRO), Marburg, Germany Synthetic microbial communities for metabolic engineering – supervised by Prof. Dr. Victor Sourjik and Dr. Tobias Erb Tool engineering for synthetic microbial communities to reach biotechnological cocultivation February – October 2015 Advisor of the iGEM Team Marburg 2015 NUTRInity – make the gut a better world Guiding of the project design and implementation of three distinct subprojects to tackle the problem of over- and unternutrition February 2014 – October 2014 Master work – Joint BioEnergy Institute, USA, Keasling Group Prediction, implementation and optimization with standard promoters of two polyketide synthase pathways from bacteria into yeast – supervised by Prof. Dr. Jay Keasling and Dr. Anna Lechner Implementation of a biosynthesis pathway for polyketide production and flux balance analysis of the new pathway. October 2013 – January 2014 M2 Internship –Ecole Polytechnique – Laboratoire de Biochimie, UMR 7654 Computational Protein Design of Tyrosine-tRNA-Synthetase – supervised by Prof. Dr. Thomas Simonson Performing computational protein design on Tyrosine-tRNA-Synthetase to find a mutant that has a higher binding energy for D-Tyrosine according to the simulation that are preformed in the software package Proteus. June 2013 – November 2013 iGEM (international Genetically Engineered Machine) Competition – iGEM Team 2013 Paris-Bettencourt – Grand-Prize Winner Overgraduate 2013 Fight Tuberculosis with modern Weapons (Using Synthetic Biology approaches) My project was to develop a proof of concept Biosensor using the CRISPR/Cas technology delivered by a phage to test, which antibiotic resistances a specific strain carries, to adapt drug treatment for Tuberculosis. January 2013 – May 2013 M1 Internship – Centre Recherches Interdisciplinaires – INSERM U1001 (Robustness and Evolvability of Life) Tool Engineering for Synthtic Biology - supervised by Dr. Ariel Lindner and Dr. Edwin Wintermute Development of a Synthetic Import Domain of proteins into bacteria Engineering of a linear inducible promoter system. April 2012 - July 2012 Bachelor thesis at the Stanford University, USA, Department of Bioengineering Quantitative characterization of the rewritable addressable data storage with in silico and in vivo studies - supervised by Prof. Dr. Drew Endy, Prof. Dr. Wilfried Weber, Pakpoom Subsoontorn and Dr. Jerome Bonnet May 2011 - May 2012 Research Assistant at the University Hospital Freiburg – Department of Tumorbiology, AG Dierks Hedgehog signaling pathway in Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia - supervised by Sarah Decker and Prof. Dr. Christine Dierks September 2010 – October 2010 Research Internship at the Field Museum Chicago, USA Phylogenetic studies on lichen - supervised by Dr. Thorsten Lumbsch DNA extraction, purification, amplification and sequencing and phylogenetic characterizations Publications and Poster June 2015 A Versatile Microfluidic Device for Automating Synthetic Biology: Steve C. C. Shih, Garima Goyal, Peter W. Kim, Nicolas Koutsoubelis, Jay D. Keasling, Paul D. Adams, Nathan J. Hillson, and Anup K. Singh; June 2015, ACS Synthetic Biology December 2014 In situ characterization of mycobacterial growth inhibition by lytic enzymes expressed in vectorized E. coli,: Atanasković, Iva; Bencherif, Camelia; Deyell, Matthew; Jaramillo-Riveri, Sebastian; Benony, Marguerite; Bernheim, Aude; Libis, Vincent; Koutsoubelis, Nicolas; Zegman, Yonatan; Löchner, Anne; Basier, Clovis; Aghoghogbe, Idonnya; Marinkovic, Zoran; Zahra, Sarah; Toulouze, Matthias; Lindner, Ariel; Wintermute, Edwin; December 2014, ACS Synthetic Biology December 2014 Silencing of antibiotic resistance in E. coli with engineered phage bearing small regulatory RNAs: Libis, Vincent; Bernheim, Aude; Basier, Clovis; Jaramillo, Sebastian; Deyell, Matthew; Aghoghogbe, Idonnya; Atanasković, Iva; Bencherif, Camelia; Benony, Marguerite; Koutsoubelis, Nicolas; Löchner, Anne; Marinkovic, Zoran; Zahra, Sarah; Zegman, Yonatan; Lindner, Ariel; Wintermute, Edwin; 2014, ACS Synthetic Biology November 2014 Precursor Pathway Engineering in S.cerevisiae for PKS expression: Poster at the International Autumn School Biology feat. Engineering 2014 at SYNMIKRO, Marburg, Germany: Nicolas Koutsoubelis, Anne Löchner, Anna Lechner and Jay Keasling (2014) July 2013 Bio Fabrication – Experiencing The Peculiarity Of Biology: Poster at the Synthetic Biology Conference 6 at the Imperial College, London, UK: Marguerite Bénony and Nicolas Koutsoubelis (2013) Further Qualification April 2016 GapSummit 2016, Global Biotech Summit of the Leaders of Tomorrow Since March 2016 Development and Management of Research Projects (Entwicklung und Management von Froschungsprojekten), Phillips-University Marburg June 2015 EMBO Practical Course Synthetic Biology in Action – organized by Victor de Lorenzo Lectures, practical courses, talks, production of a documentary for iBiology November 2014 Innovation Academy Biotechnology Extracurricular Activities Since January 2016 Instructor of the iGEM Team Marburg 2016 February – October 2015 Advisor of the iGEM Team Marburg 2015 NUTRInity – make the gut a better world Guiding of the project design and implementation of three distinct subprojects to tackle the problem of over- and unternutrition January – November 2015 Steering Committee (Finance Officer) of EUSynbioS 2009-2012 btS – biotechnological student association (biotechnologische Studenteninitiative) Head of chair of local group 2011 – 2012 Member of national finance team 2011-2012 Organization of panel discussion: Biotechnology in the struggle against climate change 2011 Awards April 2016 Finalist of the Voices of Tomorrow Competition at the GapSummit, Project Title: Improving the Public Perception of Synthetic Biology September 2015 iGEM Competition, Team Marburg 2015, NUTRInity: Track Prize Food & Nutrition, Prize Innovation in Measurement, Nominated for: Poster, Wiki, Education & Public Engagement, Composite Part, Part Collection November 2013 iGEM Competition, Team Paris-Bettencourt, Fight Tuberculosis with Modern Weapons: Grand Prize Winner World, Track Prize Health and Medicine World, Best Wiki Europe, 2nd Runner Up Europe Education Since November 2015 International Max-Planck-Research-School Marburg (IMPRS-Mic), MPI Marburg and Synthetic Microbiology Center (SYNMIKRO), Marburg, Germany September 2012 – July 2014 Master Interdisciplinary Approaches to Life Sciences, CRI, Université Paris V Descartes Cite Sorbonne, Paris October 2009 – August 2012 Bachelor of Science in Biology at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg, Germany
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