Dynamic Control of Metabolic Networks

Dr. Hannes Link

As of October 2020, Hannes Link has started in a new position as Professor for Bacterial Metabolomics at the University of Tübingen. He and his lab will stay with us at the MPIterMic as guests until March 2021, when his lab completely moves to Tübingen.

Research Area

Metabolic networks respond rapidly to internal and external perturbations by changing fluxes, metabolite concentrations and enzyme levels. Our group is interested in the regulation of these responses and their functional relevance in microbes. Therefore, we investigate known metabolic control circuits, map novel regulatory interactions and engineer synthetic metabolic regulation. The ultimate goal is to improve metabolically engineered strains by enabling self-optimization of overproduction pathways for chemicals.

Group of Hannes Link by February 2018

Selected Publications

Schramm T, Lempp M, Beuter D, Sierra SG, Glatter T, Link H (2020) High-throughput enrichment of temperature-sensitive argininosuccinate synthetase for two-stage citrulline production in E. coli. Metabolic Engineering 60, 14-24.

Lempp M, Farke N, Kuntz M, Freibert S, Lill R, Link H (2019) Systematic identification of metabolites controlling gene expression in E. coli. Nature Communications 10, 4463.

Sander T, Wang CY, Glatter T, Link H (2019) CRISPRi-based downregulation of transcriptional feedback improves growth and metabolism of arginine overproducing E. coli. ACS Synthetic Biology 8, 1983-1990.

Sander T, Farke N, Diehl C, Kuntz M, Glatter T, Link H (2019) Allosteric feedback inhibition enables robust amino acid biosynthesis in E. coli by enforcing enzyme overabundance. Cell Systems 8, 1-10.

Beuter D, Gomes-Filho J, Randau L, Díaz-Pascual F, Drescher K, Link H (2018) Selective enrichment of slow-growing bacteria in a metabolism-wide CRISPRi library with a TIMER protein. ACS Synthetic Biology 7, 2775–2782.

Guder JC , Schramm T, Sander T, Link H (2017) Time-Optimized Isotope Ratio LC-MS/MS for High-Throughput Quantification of Primary Metabolites. Analytical Chemistry 89 (3): 1624–1631.

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