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Doctoral theses

Feldewert, Christopher (2022)
Diversity, function and oxygen relationship of free-living and flagellate-associated Opitutales (phylum Verrucomicrobiota) in the termite gut (Universität Marburg)
Song, Yulin (2022)
Phylogeny and metabolism of novel spirochetes from cockroaches and evolutionary origin of reductive acetogenesis in termite gut treponemes (Universität Marburg).
Wang, Wanyang (2018)
The bacterial gut microbiota of wood- and humus-feeding termites: Diazotrophic populations and compartment-specific response of bacterial communities to environmental factors (Universität Marburg)
Lampert, Niclas (2017)
Microenvironment and bacterial community structure in the gut of wood- and litter-feeding cockroaches (Universität Marburg)
Tegtmeier, Dorothee (2016)
The gut microbiota of the cockroach Shelfordella lateralis: Primary colonization, succession, and metabolic response to microenvironmental conditions (Universität Marburg)
Zheng, Hao (2015)
Genome evolution of Endomicrobia: From free-living bacteria to intracellular symbionts of termite gut flagellates (Universität Marburg)
Dietrich, Carsten (2015)
Ecological and evolutionary drivers of microbial community structure in termite guts (Universität Marburg)
Lang, Kristina (2014)
Diversity, ultrastructure, and comparative genomics of "Methanoplasmatales", the seventh order of methanogens (Universität Marburg)
Mikaelyan, Aram (2013)
Microhabitat specificity of the hindgut microbiota in higher termites (Universität Marburg)
Nonoh, James O. (2013)
Archaeal diversity and community structure in the compartmented gut of higher termites (Universität Marburg)
Schauer, Christine (2011)
The gut microbiota of the blattid cockroach Shelfordella lateralis (Universität Marburg)
Köhler, Tim (2011)
Diversity and evolutionary patterns in the bacterial gut microbiota of termites and cockroaches (Universität Marburg)
Strassert, Jürgen (2009)
The symbioses of termite gut flagellates and their bacterial endo- and ectosymbionts: analysis of ultrastructure, phylogeny, and cospeciation (Freie Universität Berlin)
Herlemann, Daniel (2009)
The candidate phylum "Termite group 1" – diversity, distribution, metabolism and evolution of representatives of an unexplored bacterial phylum (Universität Marburg)
Desai, Mahesh (2008)
Bacterial symbionts of termite gut flagellates: cospeciation and nitrogen fixation in the gut of dry-wood termites (Universität Marburg)
Ngugi, David Kamanda (2008)
Transformation and mineralization of nitrogenous soil components in the gut of soil-feeding termites (Universität Marburg)
Ikeda-Ohtsubo, Wakako (2007)
Endomicrobia in termite guts: symbionts within a symbiont (Universität Marburg)
Andert, Janet (2007)
Transformation of nitrogenous soil components by humivorous beetle larvae (Universität Marburg)
Pester, Michael (2006)
Hydrogen metabolism in the hindgut of lower termites: Fluxes of hydrogen-dependent and related processes and identification of the homoacetogenic microbiota (Universität Marburg)
Li, Xiangzhen (2004)
Transformation and mineralization of organic matter by the humivorous larva of Pachnoda ephippiata (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) (Universität Konstanz)
Stingl, Ulrich (2004)
Termite gut flagellates and their bacterial symbionts: Phylogenetic analysis and localization in situ (Universität Konstanz)
Yang, Hong (2004)
Structure and diversity of the bacterial community in the gut of wood-feeding lower termites (Reticulitermes spp.). (Central China Normal University, Wuhan)
Schmitt-Wagner, Dirk (2003)
The intestinal microbiota of soil-feeding termites: Microbial diversity, community structure, and metabolic activities in the highly compartmentalized gut of Cubitermes spp. (Universität Konstanz)
Kappler, Andreas (2000)
Redox processes and humification of organic matter in guts of soil-feeding termites and in lake sediments (Universität Konstanz)
Boga, Hamadi Iddi (2000)
Numerical and physiological characterization of the microbiota in the intestinal tracts of soil-feeding Termitinae (Universität Konstanz)
Ji, Rong (2000)
Transformation and mineralization of organic matter by soil-feeding termites (Universität Konstanz)
Tholen, Anne (1999)
Der Termitendarm als strukturiertes Ökosystem: Untersuchung der Mikrobiota und der Stoffflüsse im Darm von Reticulitermes flavipes und Cubitermes spp. (Universität Konstanz)
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