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17 students from different disciplines win international synthetic biology competition more

Together with cooperation partner Jean-Christophe Baret, the Max Planck Director was honored for his work on the creation of new CO2-fixing enzymes and artificial chloroplasts. more

Molekulare Lockenwickler

October 06, 2021

How the protein RemA mediates the formation of bacterial biofilms more

A multidisciplinary study reveals how a molecular switch controls the distribution of bacterial DNA

The Max Planck Institute in Marburg celebrates its 30th anniversary and the long-standing cooperation with the Philipps-Universität Marburg

The university recognizes the IMPRS student`s excellent PhD thesis on the mechanisms of genetic inheritance in bacteria more

A specialized enzyme machinery enables methanogenic microorganisms to thrive under extreme energy limitation more

Leopoldina honors Rudolf K. Thauer with the Cothenius Medal for his outstanding scientific lifetime achievement more

Max Planck researchers from Marburg are part of the DFG priority program "New concepts of virus-host interaction in prokaryotes" more

Pheromones mediate asymmetric mating behavior in isogamous yeast more

We are happy to announce that our MPI Director Tobias Erb is a newly elected member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO). He is joining a group of more than 1800 of the best researchers in Europe and around the world. more

Photorespiration for improved plant metabolism more

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