Press Releases

New Emmy Noether Research Group "Cell-free synthetic Biology" more

Precise or Economical?

July 14, 2020

A cellular signalling cascade balances information transmission against energy consumption more

New Max Planck Research Group "Bacterial Epitranscriptomics" more

New Emmy-Noether Research Group "Microbial Metalloenzymes" more

Hidden Talents

May 26, 2020

Scientists found a method for the environmentally friendly production of mandelic acid more

Light-driven injection

May 13, 2020

By coupling a bacterial injection system with a light-controlled molecular switch, scientists are able to inject proteins into eukaryontic cells more

Researchers develop an "artificial chloroplast” more

Regine Kahmann, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology until 2019, was elected as Foreign Member of the Royal Society in April 2020. The election constitutes recognition of her outstanding scientific achievements. more

Each year, the Association for General and Applied Microbiology (VAAM) chooses a special bacterium to draw attention to the diversity of the microbial world. This year's winner is Myxococcus xanthus. This extremely fascinating bacterium is a research focus of our Department of Ecophysiology led by Prof. Lotte Søgaard-Andersen. more

Microcensus in Bacteria

March 04, 2020

Bacillus subtilis can determine proportions of different groups within a mixed population more

The sleeping Sigma-Factor

January 31, 2020

A previously unknown mechanism enables bacterial antibiotic resistance more

When food is scarce, bacteria invest in advance in the exploitation of new resources more

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