10 selected & recent publications 

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Steinchen, W., Ahmad, S., Valentini, M., Eilers K., Majkini M., Altegoer F., Lechner M., Filloux A., Whitney J.C., Bange G. (2021) Dual role of a (p)ppGpp- and (p)ppApp-degrading enzyme in biofilm formation and interbacterial antagonism. Molecular Microbiologyhttps://doi.org/10.11117/mmi.14684

Pausch P., Abdelshahid M., Steinchen W., Schäfer H., Gratani F.L., Freibert S.A., Wolz C., Turgay K., Wilson D.N., Bange G. (2020) Structural basis for regulation of the opposing (p)ppGpp synthetase and hydrolase within the stringent response regulator Rel. Cell Reports, 32(11):108157

Blagotinsek V., Schwan M., Steinchen W., Mrusek D., Hook J.C., Rossman F., Freibert S.A., Kratzat H., Murat G., Kressler D., Beckmann R., Beeby M., Thormann K.M., Bange G (2020) An ATP-dependent partner switch mechanism links flagellar C-ring assembly with gene expression. PNAS, 117(34):20826-20835

Altegoer F., Weiland P., Giammarinaro P.I., Freibert S.A., Binnebesel L., Han X., Lepak A., Kahmann R., Lechner M., Bange G. (2020) The two paralogous kiwellin proteins KWL1 and KWL1-b from maize are structurally related and have overlapping functions in plant defense. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 295(23):7816-7825

Skotnicka D., Steinchen W., Szadkowski D., Cadby I., Lovering A., Bange G., Sogaard-Andersen L. (2020) CdbA is a DNA-binding protein and c-di-GMP receptor important for nucleoid organization and segregation in Myxococcus xanthus. Nature Communications, 11(1):1791

Osorio-Valeriano M., Altegoer F., Steinchen W., Urban S., Liu Y., Bange G.*, Thanbichler M.* (2019) ParB-type DNA seggregation proteins are CTP-dependent molecular switches. Cell, 179(7):1512-1524.e15 * Joint corresponding authors

Han X., Altegoer F., Steinchen W., Binnebesel L., Schuhmacher J., Glatter T., Giammarinaro P.I., Djamei A., Rensing S.A., Reissmann S., Kahmann R. and Bange G. (2019) A kiwellin disarms the metabolic activity of a secreted fungal virulence factor. Nature 565(7741):650-653

Özcan A., Pausch P., Linden A., Wulf A., Schühle K., Heider J., Urlaub H., Heimerl T., Bange G., Randau L. (2019) Type IV CRISPR RNA processing and effector complex formation in Aromatoleum aromaticum. Nature Microbiology, 4(1):89-96

Ma L.S., Wang L., Trippel C., Mendoza-Mendoza A., Ullmann S., Moretti M., Carsten A., Kahnt J., Reissmann S., Zechmann B., Bange G., Kahmann R. (2018) The Ustilago maydis effector Rsp3 blocks the antifungal activity of mannose-binding maize proteins. Nature Communications, doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-04149-0

Pausch P., Müller-Esparza H., Gleditzsch D., Altegoer F., Randau L., Bange G. (2017) Structural variation of type I-F CRISPR RNA guided DNA surveillance. Molecular Cell, 67(4):622-632

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