Dr. Hannes Link
Dr. Hannes Link
Research Group Leader
Phone: +49 6421 28 21624

Research Group Members

Dominik Beuter
Ph.D. Student
Phone: +49 6421 28 21623
Stefano Donati
Ph.D. Student
Chun-Ying Wang
Ph.D. Student
Phone: +49 6421 28 21623
Timur Sander
Ph.D. Student
Phone: +49 6421 28 21623
Thorben Schramm
Ph.D. Student
Phone: +49 6421 28 21486
Christoph Diehl
Master Student

Dr. Hannes Link - Dynamic Control of Metabolic Networks

Dr. Hannes Link

Curriculum Vitae

Hannes Link (born 1979)
Diploma in Chemical Engineering, TU Munich, 2005
Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.), Institute of Biochemical Engineering, TU Munich, 2009
Postdoc, Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, ETH Zürich, 2010
Research group leader at the MPI in Marburg, since January 2015

Research Area: Dynamic Control of Metabolic Networks

The overall ambition of our research is to understand the metabolic and physiological consequences of inserting synthetic metabolic pathways into microbes, and develop superior strains for industrial biotechnology. In nature, bacteria produce metabolites with the objective to grow, and metabolic regulators (e.g. transcription factors) assure that supply and demand of metabolites is balanced. Synthetic metabolic pathways, in contrast, are not under appropriate control and overproduction imposes a constant burden on the cells. Our goals are to map metabolic regulators in platform organisms like Escherichia coli and create novel regulatory circuits to obtain stable and robust production strains.


Interested in joining our team?

We are currently looking for Postdocs and PhD students to join the ERC project MapMe, especially persons with a background in computational biology or biophysics. If you are interested please contact 

Selected Publications

Guder JC , Schramm T, Sander T, Link H (2017) Time-Optimized Isotope Ratio LC-MS/MS for High-Throughput Quantification of Primary Metabolites. Analytical Chemistry, 10.1021/acs.analchem.6b03731

Liu Y*, Link H*, Liu L, Du G, Chen J, Sauer U. (2016) A dynamic pathway analysis approach reveals a limiting futile cycle in N-acetylglucosamine overproducing Bacillus subtilis. Nature Comm. 7: 11933. *equal contr.

Link H, Fuhrer T, Gerosa L, Zamboni N, Sauer U. (2015) Real-time metabolome profiling of the metabolic switch between starvation and growth. Nature Methods 12(11):1091-1097

Link H, Christodoulou D, Sauer U. (2014) Advancing metabolic models with kinetic information. Curr Opin Biotechnol 13,29C:8-14.

Link H, Kochanowski K, Sauer U. (2013) Systematic identification of allosteric protein-metabolite interactions that control enzyme activity in vivo. Nature Biotechnol 31(4):357-61.

Link H, Buescher JM, Sauer U. (2012) Targeted and quantitative metabolomics in bacteria. Methods in Microbiology 39:127-150.

For a full list of publications see   Google Scholar

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