SFB/Transregio TRR 174

How to distribute multiple chromosomes along the hyphal cell?

  • Date: Nov 27, 2017
  • Time: 13:15
  • Speaker: Dr. hab. Dagmara Jakimowicz
  • University of Wrocław, Faculty of Biotechnology, Poland
  • Location: MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology
  • Room: Lecture hall
  • Host: Prof. Dr. Martin Thanbichler
  • Contact: thanbichler@uni-marburg.de

Streptomyces, in contrast to rod-shaped bacteria, grow by forming hyphae. Their cells extend apically and branch. Moreover, Streptomyces elongated hyphal cells contain several copies of the chromosome. We have addressed the question of how the multiple copies of the chromosome are distributed in Streptomyces cells. To this end, we dissected the role of the segregation proteins (ParA and ParB) and topoisomerase I (TopA). In my talk, I will describe the unique properties of Streptomyces ParA and TopA and explain how they contribute to chromosome arrangement.

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